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IMG_4426Terence Lester is a native of Atlanta, GA. He has a strong passion for family, God, and seeing the change through tangible acts of kindness. Lester is happily married to his friend, Cecilia Lester, and they enjoy parenting their two wonderful children, Zion Joy Lester, and Terence II.

From workshops (with college professors, parents, and children), to assemblies, to graduations, to college lectures, to conferences and church services of over 3,000, locally and nationally, Lester has creatively shared his story of change and transformation with relevant language, solid truths, passion, and humor.

He has over 1000 speaking engagements in elementary, middle and high schools; colleges and universities; many churches; Christian and Non-Christian television; several book festivals; as well as having been featured in several publications.

He holds four degrees, has 12 plus years of community organizing, leadership development, creative strategizing and volunteer mobilization, is the author of five books, and has co-produced a biographical documentary, “The U-Turn Project: Answering The Call.”

In 2013, he co-started an Atlanta based non-profit, Love Beyond Walls, that addresses injustices such as homelessness, poverty in education, and food insecurity. Over 1 million people nationwide have viewed his public awareness campaigns. One of Terence’s greatest passions involves connecting creativity to mission work, and moving people to love people where they are.

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