Hire Mark Campaign Starts NOW!

Starting on December 13th, Terence Lester, the founder of nonprofit, Love Beyond Walls, will stand downtown on the street corner with Mark Moore. Lester will put on a wooden sandwich board that reads, “HIRE MARK,” to raise awareness for those experiencing joblessness.

Mark is a middle-aged, educated, hard-working man who is currently experiencing homelessness. Love Beyond Walls has worked with Mark for almost a year, helping him secure documents like a birth certificate, social security card, and other identification he needs to get a job and housing.

Watch Mark’s full story here:

Mark realized, “You need help to transition out of homelessness. It takes more than yourself.”

Mark will be standing next to Terence in his suit with copies of his resume. This demonstration is to challenge the community to look at the opportunities placed in front of them and what opportunities they can share with others.  Terence and Mark will be standing outside on the street corner until Mark leaves for his first interview.

Click here to check out Mark’s resume.


Love Beyond Walls believes that the greatest way to lift someone out of the pits of poverty is to give them a community, longevity in relationships, and opportunity.

You can also listen to Mark on our new podcast talk about his struggle with homelessness, why he never begged for money, and what the year-long process of getting identification was like.

Three Ways You Can Help

  1. Check out his resume here and help him get a job by connecting him with someone you know or giving him an interview with your company. Fill out the contact form here and write *JOB FOR MARK* in subject line to contact Mark about a job.
  2. We have $3,000 left in our goal to fund Mark’s part-time employment at our organization while he transitions. Please consider donating towards that here.
  3. Share Mark’s story! The more people that hear Mark’s story, the closer we are to getting him a job! You can share the video, the podcast, or this blog post!

LBW Team

Wish List Christmas 2017

We are collecting toys to support many families in our community! If you’d like to contribute or volunteer, please reach out to us.

This Christmas, we are going to engage many community members that we consider family.

Thank you for your constant support.

LBW Team



About three weeks ago, our organization was offered a distribution deal for our documentary film “Voiceless.”

Although it was a huge opportunity, I (Terence) felt the pressure of having to entrust our message to many people who are not connected to the day-to-day work of fighting for those who are marginalized.

So, instead I (Terence) have chosen to make our documentary free to the public. Many would say this is foolish and insane to turn down a deal, but my heart has always been about educating, equiping, and moving people to care about those suffering with poverty in our country.

Therefore, if you have not seen our documentary and have always wanted to see it you can do so FREE of charge below.

Please read the disclaimer note to support our work!

Disclaimer Note:

After watching this film, you have three options to support Love Beyond Walls:

1) Go directly to our site and make a donation to our cause. Your support helps us to continue fighting poverty and homelessness (lovebeyondwalls.org/give).

2) Download a free 22 page workbook on our site at (lovebeyondwalls.org/voicelessfilm) to get next steps and continue the conversation on poverty.

3) Share this film as it is an important message in our country.

Voiceless Screening Recap – Victory World Church/Fusion

On October 3rd, 500+ young adults gathered to watch our “Voiceless” documentary at Victory World Church in Fusion ATL – Check out a quick video that has initial responses from young adults that watched the film. Powerful.

To learn more or watch our documentary, please visit voicelessfilm.com

Voiceless Screening Recap – Victory World Church/Fusion from Love Beyond Walls on Vimeo.

LBW Team

Trucks Made It To Texas + Packed Screening in Florida

We asked, and you showed up!

We had an overwhelming show of generosity in response to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Thanks to your donations these past few weeks, we’ve been able to resource two truckloads of basic necessities to Texas.

Special shout out to Mike Fye for driving down to deliver the much-needed supplies — thanks, Mike!

Screening at Genesis Church

This past weekend, we were invited to screen “Voiceless” in our third state — Florida! 

The screening was packed out with hundreds of people in attendance. We were blown away by the response! 

A big thanks to Genesis Church i

n Orlando for hosting us as we continue to bring attention to systemic poverty. 

If you’re interested in bringing this important film to your group, church, or organization visit voicelessfilm.com.

LBW Team

Hurricane Relief on the Way!

This hurricane season has been a rough one so far. Many people in Houston have lost everything they have to flooding and damage. 

Thanks to many generous donations, we’ve been able to resource two truckloads of basic necessities to send to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. These trucks are packed full of much-needed diapers, blankets, hygiene supplies, and more! 

We’re grateful to be able to serve those who are unexpectedly in crisis. 

LBW Team


Below is a list of ongoing “Voiceless” screenings in Atlanta, GA and in other parts of the U.S. You are welcome to visit here often to get updated times and places as we continue to get this film out more.

LBW Team


Center For Civil & Human Rights

Atlanta, GA — August 25th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary for the first time at The Center For Civil & Human Rights at 6pm.

Lights of Liberty Movie Theater

Liberty, KY — September 3rd

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary at Lights of Liberty Movie Theater in Liberty, KY at 3pm & 5pm.

Genesis Church

Orlando, FL — September 17th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with Genesis Church in Orlando, FL at their 10am service.

West Ridge Church Staff 

Atlanta, GA — September 20th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary at West Ridge Church in Dallas, GA at their staff meeting.

Atlantic Station — Midtown Bridge Church

Atlanta, GA — September 24th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with The Midtown Bridge Church in Atlanta, GA at their 10am service (in Atlantic Station)

Victory World Church – Fusion

Atlanta, GA — October 3rd

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with Fusion at Victory World Church.

Covenant House Staff

Atlanta, GA — October 12th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with Covenant House Staff.

Wheat Street Baptist Church

Atlanta, GA — October 25th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary at the Historic Wheat Street Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA at their 5pm service.

Powder Springs UMC

Powder Springs, GA — November 5th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with Powder Springs UMC in Powder Springs, GA at 5pm.

Columbia Theological Seminary

Decatur, GA — November 16th

Love Beyond Walls will share the “Voiceless” documentary with Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA at 7pm.