Mobile Makeovers

Mobile Makeovers is a program designed to provide grooming services to underserved communities, homeless men, women, and youth in the City of Atlanta.

Dignity Art

Dignity Art is a program that helps us to teach homeless men, women, and students in local schools how to take reclaimed wood and turn it into pieces of art.


Leadersource is a program that develops aspiring leaders in the city of Atlanta. This group meets once a month to discover innovative ways and techniques to solves problems that exists in society.

Love Feeds

Love Feeds is a program that partners with Warehouse of Hope to provide groceries to families that are food insecure. Currently, we support about 300 hundred families a month with food items.

Closet of Hope

Closet of Hope is a program that provides adequate clothing for the local community, and uniforms for Title 1 Schools with student populations that lack adequate clothing.

Love Beyond Borders

Love Beyond Borders is a program that works intentionally with organizations in other countries that solve problems. We have forged one partnership that serves orphans in India.

Free Laundry Room

The Free Laundry Room creates unique opportunities for volunteers to serve those in the community with a place to wash their clothes with dignity. Each week we allow a small group of homeless individuals or under-resourced families wash their clothes for absolutely free.