The Story

11 years ago, Terence and Cecilia gathered tons of worn clothing, used shoes, stuffed them into two black trash bags, and headed toward the heart of downtown Atlanta. They didn’t know where they were going, they only knew they wanted to find a few people living on the streets, love on them, and give away the few items they were not using anymore.

On Auburn Ave, Terence and Cecilia encountered a homeless woman. “Do you know anyone who needs clothes or shoes?” Cecelia asked. The lady immediately responded, “Of course, I need some right now!” When this warm-hearted lady rummaged through the two bags, she came across a pair of black shoes, and started jumping up and down with excitement. “I just prayed for a pair of shoes last night, and God answered.” Terence and Cecilia looked at each other, and in that moment—the concept of “Love Beyond Walls” was born. On the ride home, they discussed the possibilities of mobilizing people to join them in moving past the walls that divide people, and take love to people in creative ways. That day, they both became compassionate about work in the trenches, and the desire to love people where they were.

Over many years, Terence and Cecilia have led a couple hundred creative service projects, worked among the homeless, in schools, in communities, and have mobilized over 5000 volunteers to take love into environments where it doesn’t exist—partnering with churches, businesses, and individuals. They both have a deep passion for doing work in the trenches, and are moved to see people restored.

In 2013, they were directed to go an untraditional route in their work by starting an organization that primarily focuses on raising awareness of societal needs and mobilizing people to take part in those stories. Thus, Love Beyond Walls has become a reality. Since launching Love Beyond Walls, the organization has served over 14,000 people.

Every second that passes, something happens! A child is abused, a homeless person goes without a meal, a family gets evicted, a student drops out of high school, a community experiences a natural disaster, and the list goes on and on.

We exist to make known the stories that are experienced, but never heard about. By using technology, film, and service—we aim to raise awareness about stories that need relief, and mobilize an army of people who would dare to get involved in those stories and care!

That’s not it though… We are dreamers of solutions! We strategically and intentionally think past dividing “walls” and invite people to take part in the problems that exist in the world.

Whether it’s becoming a volunteer, building a bridge between a resource and recipient, becoming a donor, or just spreading the word, we believe that when people band together, move, and get involved, people can experience redemption, hope, and life-change.

Therefore, we exist to not only share the “good news,” but to live the “good news” through a lifestyle of serving people with love. Love Beyond Walls is a 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the federal government.