Homelessness & Sociology

Below is a post I wrote on Facebook… I think it looks at homelessness from a lens of sociology:

Homelessness is not only a lack of shelter, or a lack of the finer things in life. Homelessness can be social in nature. How? There are many people that have everything, but lack meaningful relationships (either social or within the context of a family). You can be homeless just by feeling like you don’t fit in, or connect with anyone around you–even in a crowd. The root word is “home.” Everyone needs a “home,” or a safe space! If you lack a safe space in community, my encouragement to you this morning is simple…”God sets the solitude in families” #lovebeyondwalls


Life-changing experience!

Between now and the first of the year, I (Terence) am planning to try one of the most life-threatening attempts/experiences I have never tried before to raise “more” awareness of the homeless epidemic here in there city of Atlanta. I have befriended many homeless people in this city (most of my friends sleep outside on mats), and care about this epidemic that needs more support, and care.

I cannot wait to share! The theme of this experience will be called, “A Mile in My Shoes!”

More details will follow soon.


Loving the Homeless!

Homelessness is not a wall between those who have, and those who don’t have! Everyone should be respected, and loved. Every year (for the last eight years), our family has mobilized people to serve and love on Atlanta’s homeless population. Why? Because there was a time when I personally experienced homelessness! This year, we are serving the weekend before Christmas! If you’d like to join us, contact us directly.